John knocked on his girlfriend’s door and when she answered she said “what are you doing here Michael – I thought you weren’t coming ‘til eight?”. She hadn’t looked up you see. She just assumed it would be Michael, she’d called him earlier, told him she needed to talk.

“Michael?” John said with a quizzical look crossing his face “the guy you work with?”. Anna had to find a way out of this, but she had no idea how.

“We’re doing a project together and he’s coming over to brainstorm some ideas” – a cliché excuse, Anna thought, but hopefully John would buy it.

“Oh, what’s the project?” John asked, and Anna began to panic. There was no way she could keep this up.

“Just come in” she said sheepishly as she stepped aside to make room for him to get past. John stepped inside the house, knowing this couldn’t be good. As John walked into the familiar living room, he noticed a Victoria’s Secret bag on the living room floor, knowing already that the lingerie waiting inside would not be seen by him. He knew what was happening, he’d known for a while. But he didn’t want to lose her. They’d been dating since they were sixteen, and at twenty five now, their relationship had gone on too long. John always knew Anna wasn’t “the one” but he’d thought he’d rather be with her than be single. I mean…the sex was still good whenever they got around to it, but with John’s out of town job meaning he’s only in the same place as Anna twice a month, things had been strained for at least two years.

“You don’t have to tell me Anna, I already know. I’ve known for months. I’m not mad, I never could be, we both knew it was really over a long time ago” John started, unable to look Anna in the eye. But when he finally looked at her, she was crying, and he couldn’t help but be confused.

“What?” Anna sobbed between tears “why are you doing this”